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The techniques of choose and buy for screen window
Sep 08 , 2020

Many citizens reflect, the invisible screen window on the market quality is poor, life is very short, to this expert also gave a few Suggestions liu Zhongfa of expert inside course of study expresses, the life of screen window has very big concern with its quality.

In general, screen window profiles used stealth screens are divided into aluminum alloy and plastic so-called tech actual steel liner, PVC profiles, the sun to be basked in a very easy to deformation, service life is short, suggest you choose good aluminum alloy aluminum alloy material of screen window screen window profile should be in 0.7 millimeter above, when consumer is choosing to press a press and shake, feel the hardness profile, with soft not advisable.

In addition, it is possible to check whether the invisible screen window has a front force adjustment device. As a result of the need to constantly pull out of the coil, the spring is easy to soft, and this is the important factor affecting the quality of the screen, after the positive adjustment force device, when the spring appears weak state can adjust by themselves, otherwise can only contact the manufacturer to adjust or replace the screen window, affect the service life of the screen window.

What does windproof screen mean? Liu Zhongfa introduced that the wind refers to the wind can not blow out the mesh, consumers in the choose and buy when you can use your hand to press the gauze, feel yourself, a lot of a few different windproof devices in addition, we need to look at the open device when the choice, namely whether the hook is easy to use, solid.

There are several types of window screens suggest consumers carefully selected some window by magnet to achieve the closure of the window screen, but this window screen time is a long, easy to stick sand and demagnetization, affect the service life;Another folding window, due to frequent folding, mesh easy deformation, when the mesh is wet, the sun is easy to cause the aging of mesh and rope, affecting the service life.

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