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“Moon Cake Betting” from Xiamen Weiziran Company
Sep 24 , 2020

Moon cake betting, it originated in Quanzhou, Fujian Province and began in the early Qing Dynasty. It is a unique moon cake culture and a inheritance for the history of the moon cake by the Minnan people. According to legend, the Mid-Autumn Festival Bocake was invented by Zheng Chenggong in Quanzhou when he was in the army to relieve the soldiers' Mid-Autumn lovesickness and inspire morale. As a result, it has been passed down through generations and then it becomes a unique folk custom in southern Fujian.

In Xiamen, every Mid-Autumn Festival, when the night fades, the streets and alleys will hear the sweet clanging of dice hitting porcelain bowls. This is the "Moon cake betting" with a history of more than 300 years.

In order to let the employees feel the warmth of the big family, Xiamen Weiziran Industry and Trade Co.,Ltd, which is one of the biggest manufacturer in filed of flyscreen, roller up screen windows, retractable screen doors, mosquito net, pleated screen windows and doors system in China with the experience for more than 24 years, in order to give employees a warm and meaningful holiday, the factory have organized a variety of activities through various themes. The event allowed employees to spend an unforgettable Mid-Autumn Festival, not only receiving rich prizes, but also a spiritual food, the factory encouraged all colleagues to work together to seize the great opportunity of information construction in the windows and doors construction industry, to create greater results in 2021 season.

The wonderful “Moon Cake Betting” officially began, the dice fell in the large porcelain bowl, making a crisp sound, everyone gathered around the big table, sometimes looking forward to it, sometimes cheering and sighing, there was joy on the faces of the people! The “Moon Cake Betting” prizes are very generous, there are some more daily necessities such as toothpaste, paper towels, electric kettles, and the red packet(money), etc.

The company also arranged a sumptuous dinner, the delicious fresh shrimps and crabs, talked about the jokes with the beer and red wind, it is really the happiest moments in this moment. After the delicious feast, everyone took their prizes, went home happily and go to bed at night in such a quiet and comfortable environmnet happily.

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