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Chinese National Day holiday Meet Mid Autumn Festival in 2020
Oct 10 , 2020

This year's Mid Autumn Festival is on October 1, the same day with the national day, the mid autumn festival meets the national day, especially on the same day, which is still relatively rare. It can be said that it is rare to see it in ten years. The last national day of the Mid Autumn Festival was held in 2001, and the next one will wait until 2031. It can be said that the Mid Autumn Festival will be ushered in the festival of universal celebration. It can be said that if the Mid Autumn Festival is held on the same day, some net friends say that if the It would be perfect for our country to hold a military parade at this rare moment. Let's get back to business. When the mid autumn festival meets the national day, how are our holidays arranged? Generally speaking, we have seven consecutive days off during the National Day holiday. So, with the legal holiday of Mid Autumn Festival, the holiday is still changed. This year's National Day Mid Autumn Festival holiday is eight days, three days of national day, one day of Mid Autumn Festival, plus four days of weekend. The specific arrangement is from October 1 to 8 as the rest time, while September 27 and October 10 are the working hours. In fact, the Mid Autumn Festival and the National Day holiday also appeared in 2017. October 4, 2017 is the Mid Autumn Festival, and it is also a holiday arrangement, which is from October 1 to 8.

After the Dragon Boat Festival, we can see that there are no holidays in July, August and September. Fortunately, there are eight days of holidays in October. However, for students and teachers, July and August are during the summer vacation. However, this year, the situation is different. The opening of our school has been delayed for a long time, so the summer vacation will also be postponed accordingly. Take the college entrance examination for example, this year is arranged on the 7th to 8th of this month Compared with last year, it was a whole month late. This year's situation is special and understandable, but the weather in July is relatively hot.

For this year's mid autumn National Day holiday, I believe everyone will be very much looking forward to, and hope that the global situation will be improved at that time, then we can travel more safely. Of course, once the holidays, especially such long holidays, our roads will be congested, and even the scenic spots will be overcrowded. This is bad news, but there is also good news, that is, high speed is free. With such a long holiday, many trips are well arranged. In view of the special situation this year, we should pay more attention to travel. What do you think?

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