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The 128th Canton Fair
Oct 19 , 2020

On October 14th at the 128th Canton fair opening press conference, spokesman of news of Canton fair, China foreign trade center, deputy director of the Xu Bing introduces the significance of the Canton fair online and expected result: the enterprises participating in the Canton fair will be even more eager, upload product quantity will be more, the number of registered buyers exhibition will keep growing, to adopt bilateral trade negotiations will be more smooth, Canton fair will explore more beneficial experience online, offline integration development, contributing to the international trade development more mature "solution" in the Canton fair.

Xu Bing said that the Canton Fair is an important platform for China's opening up to the outside world and international trade cooperation. At present, the global epidemic has not been effectively contained, it is of great significance to continue to hold the Canton Fair online. First, we will coordinate epidemic prevention and control with efforts to stabilize foreign trade. The Canton Fair online can effectively avoid the risk of importation of coVID-19, help enterprises seize the opportunity of recovery of demand for daily necessities in various countries, and expand the market and take orders through the online platform, so as to consolidate the sound momentum of steady recovery of China's foreign trade. Second, unimpeded foreign trade industrial and supply chains.The Canton Fair connects foreign trade enterprises with global buyers, which is an efficient and accurate platform to promote the connection between supply and demand. The fair is held online to help break through the blocking points of import and export links and maintain the smooth operation of industrial and supply chains.Third, to demonstrate the vitality of high-quality development of foreign trade. The Canton Fair held online will force foreign trade enterprises to increase the application of online display, live marketing, online negotiation and other new marketing methods, and accelerate the pace of digital transformation. Canton Fair set up online brand exhibition area and export product design award to encourage new products and new technologies to be displayed in the "cloud", which will play a good demonstration and driving role in the high-quality development of foreign trade.
Xu Bing said that on the basis of summing up the experience of the previous session, the Canton Fair has adopted a series of optimization and improvement measures centering on the goal of "making progress, finding progress and getting things talked about" and focusing on improving user experience and promoting the connection between suppliers and buyers.

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