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Flyziran Window Screen Development Process
Aug 26 , 2020

Over the years, the real estate industry, as a major pillar of the economy, has continued to warm up, which has led to the strong development of the building materials industry related to the real estate industry, especially the household daily use industry.

As a household necessities, screen has attracted many manufacturing and sales enterprises to enter this market. Xiamen Weiziran Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. has been engaged in screen manufacturing for 24 years. It has made brilliant achievements in the fierce market competition. As the representative of regional screen brand, Weiziran has established the industry benchmark brand image with the innovative product research and development that keeps pace with the times, and has won the recognition of the industry and the praise of consumers.

Invisible Screen Window

Since engaging in the R & D and production of invisible screen window, Weiziran has fully integrated its understanding of space art into the R & D and production of screen window products. It pays attention to the functional practicability and decorative beauty of the product, focuses on the implementation of every detail standard, completes each production process beyond the standard, and pursues the quality with meticulous work, so as to create a strong sense of design and close to human settlements Screen products, committed to creating a healthy, comfortable and safe living space for users, has gradually become a benchmark brand in the screen industry. Nowadays, Weiziran series of invisible screen windows can really "invisible" and occupy no space. When in use, the screen can be pulled down, and when not in use, the screen will automatically roll back into the net box, which will not affect the comfort of your home.

Considering the function of screen window to protect against mosquitoes, pet jumping, falling objects and other unsafe events, Weiziran developed new products based on years of industry experience and market demand, which promoted the iteration of product series innovation. At this stage, its main products are classic, eighth and ninth generation invisible screens, which have the functions of anti mosquito, protection, anti-theft, anti pet, anti rust, anti ultraviolet and so on.

In the research and development of screen materials, Weiziran invisible screen uses fiberglass screen with low tensile strength, transparency, corrosion resistance, weather resistance, stability and refractive index, and matches with resin coating protective film to increase the transmittance of screen and meet the needs of healthy and safe living environment. Weiziran stealth window screen  chooses high strength aluminum frame as a frame. It is tightly attached to the window frame. It has high corrosion resistance, high strength, anti-aging and fire resistance. There are more than 20 colors for consumers to choose. No need for two times of paint coloring, so that it is easy to coordinate with residential decoration.

In terms of the research and development of the way of opening and closing the screen window, Weiziran took the lead in developing the roller type of electric opening in the industry, which can be opened along the vertical directions, close to the life of consumers, meet the needs of modern convenient living, and are welcomed by users. In addition, in order to create a comfortable home environment, Weiziran invisible screen is also available for consumers to choose and install through the fold (like accordion) of the screen, which makes the screen not only meet the functions of anti mosquito and insect prevention, but also can decorate the window, which is a channel for people to communicate with the environment, and beautify the home atmosphere.

As the common invisible screen on the market can only meet the needs of low floor users, Weiziran invisible screen has a unique way in product structure research and development, and adopts unique strong wind resistant structure, which can meet the residential demand of high floors. By binding the built-in PVC tape with the yarn mesh seam, the sealing performance is superior and the fixation is good. The yarn mesh will not deviate from the track when the wind is strong, so as to effectively avoid the occurrence of yarn mesh damage.

It is worth mentioning that during the production and development of Weiziran invisible screen window, the removal and cleaning of screen window were also considered. Due to the inconvenience in the process of removing, installing and cleaning the traditional screen window, Weiziran invisible screen window has added a self-cleaning function to the screen window after many research and development tests, which makes the user not only convenient to use, but also more convenient to clean. The new generation of Weiziran invisible screen window has its own yarn box cleaning brush. Each time it is opened and closed, it will automatically clean three-dimensional, so as to avoid dust sticking on the yarn net for a long time and affect the home life.

In the future development plan, Weiziran screen will always pay attention to the market dynamics, concentrate on the research and development of new products, and make the benchmark brand of domestic screen industry bigger and stronger.

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