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Weiziran Team Building Activities
Jul 25 , 2019

In order to further stimulate the potential of employees, improve personal quality, enhance communication and exchanges between employees, and build an efficient team, Xiamen Weiziran Industry and Trade Co., Ltd, a professional manufacture of fly screen and mosquito net products carried out team building activities on July 25. And the theme of activities: Don’t forget the original intention, self-motivated, step outside of yourself, and Team&Winning.

In just one day, we experienced many difficulties and trials, everyone overcame psychological fear and physical fatigue with their courage and perseverance, and finally completed all the projects beautifully. Whether it’s the Taishan rope that tests the team’s thinking, or the high-altitude challenge that tests courage and limits, or the united efforts of the graduation wall, every project contains the principles of social survival, team development, and personal growth. When you experience it yourself, and you will truly feel and gain something.

Outdoor training is a test learning. Everyone will be inspired by it. We have witnessed the challenges and limits of Weiziran people again and again, and also witnessed the tacit cooperation and true feelings between the Weiziran family. Let us deeply feel the strength of unity and persistence. You are the hottest friends in this summer, and I will give you the warmest applause!

Thanks for this summer, we watered our dream with sweat, and make our dream come true by hard work, the touching and harvesting we received from outdoor training will inspire us to move forward bravely in the future. With our goals and team ideals, to pay tribute to the best selfWeiziran family, come on!

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