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Qingming Festival
Apr 02 , 2022

Qingming Festival, also known as ancestor worship festival. The tomb Sweeping Day from ancient times of ancestral beliefs and customs Spring Festival tomb-sweeping day is a traditional major Spring Festival, the memory of ancestors, is the Chinese nation since ancient times fine tradition.

Tomb-sweeping, that is, "tomb offering ", that of the ancestors of" think of the respect ", ancestor worship is the way to remember ancestorsThe Qingming Festival mainly offers sacrifices to the ancestors, expressing their filial piety and longing for their ancestors. It is a cultural tradition to pay respect to the ancestors and be careful in their final pursuitQingming festival sacrifice can be divided by sacrifice to place different visit a grave Ancestral temple offerings visit a grave in the most common, and the characteristic of Qingming festival sacrifice is visit a grave, qingming festival sacrifice was known as the grave, mainly because visit a grave ways Another kind of form is the ancestral temple offerings, also known as temple offerings, people gathered in the ancestral temple is a clan of pilgrimage, offering will have a meeting after meals, etc., this is a way to reunite people.

Qingming Festival is an ancient Festival of the Chinese nation. It is not only a solemn festival for tomb sweeping and ancestor worship, but also a happy festival for people to get close to nature and enjoy the fun of spring. Therefore, every Tomb-sweeping Day, people always go to the wild to plant trees, go for an outing, fly kites and other activities.

Qingming Festival, spring returns to the earth, nature everywhere presents a vibrant scene. With the season’s changing, the summer already comes to us again. In the summer time, while we open the window to enjoy the pleasant breeze and fresh air, there’s always some annoying bugs came through without invitation. It’s the time to use the insect screens, we have all kinds of insect screens for you choose, there is always one for you.

For the insect screen, maybe someone doesn’t like to have his (or her) window frame drilled with holes, or doesn’t like to have additional facilities to the window such as extra frames, or doesn’t like to have it installed to the window frame all the time and hope to remove it after the summer, Then my proposal is: The Easy to fit screen window--Adhesive screen window.       

The adhesive screen window is really a simple product and easy to fit: each package includes: one Velcro tape (adhesive tape with small hooks) fits the window size, one polyester mesh with hexagonal shape mesh holes, not more. It has two standard colors: white and black, the adhesive tape will be in the same color as the screen mesh, white tape comes with white color screen mesh.The others are the tools you should prepare for installing this screen: a knife, and a scissors. The adhesive screen window is simple, easy to fit, leaving not screw holes and not need additional frames on your window, and, easy to remove, just simply take off the adhesive tapes from the wall.

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