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Use of Plisse Screen Door
Mar 22 , 2022

Door ventilation is inseparable from the screen door, many years ago popular rail folding screen door and elastic roll type invisible screen door part of the family decoration brick will cover the bottom door frame, prominent ground track is easy to be kicked deformation, screen door push and pull not smooth pull immovable fault is obvious, so the transformation of a practical invisible screen door is the key.

The villa residential door installation copper door proportion is high, the appearance of the copper door high-end atmosphere, the design of ordinary track folding screen door is not matched The track folding screen door mainly relies on the yarn net to control the switch by the horizontal shuttle rope. The yarn net and the rope cannot withstand the sunlight exposure, and the rope is easy to hairs and break after the dust accumulates on the glide path. The yarn net or rope needs to be replaced every other year or so, which significantly reduces the service life.

Trackless screen door is divided into single pull and multi-fan linkage style, which can adapt to all kinds of normal doors or super wide doors installation Trackless screen door net also lateral cord and back, but the cord is only a keep the yarn net level functions, mainly by hidden in orbit around the expansion of the chain control switch, there will be a 35 mm wide on the ground, 5 mm thick guide bar, can stabilize screen door translational expansion of push-pull, use fixed number of year is expected to six years.

If the door is installed on the left and right door door symmetrical handle hardware, installation of trackless screen door after the two doors need to be all flat open can push pull screen door, only open the door often active, another door handle prominent 65 mm blocked the screen door push and pull space to free use of trackless screen door, available 25, 50 or 25 75 specifications of auxiliary frame, open the position of the door and window handle protruding, usually anti-theft door closed and anti-theft door opened a case of trackless screen door can be used normally.

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