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The Dragon Boat Festival
Jun 02 , 2022

The Dragon Boat Festival is set to worship ancestor worship Blessing to ward off bad luck, as one of the folk-custom celebrating entertainment and diet. The Dragon Boat Festival originated from nature worship of astronomical phenomena, from the ancient times the dragon evolved, dragon and dragon boat culture have been throughout the history of the Dragon Boat Festival.

With the arrival of the Dragon Boat Festival, the weather gradually becomes hot, mosquitoes have become more up, in order to enjoy the fresh air while avoiding the interference of mosquitoes, every household began to install mosquito net doors and windows. we recommend you a suitable for any window screen - magnetic strip screen window.

1. Our magnetic framed screen is using top quality PVC material as the cover frame, which ensures our screen always straight, attractive and practical, not more scratches or bubble, tiny spots on the surface.

2. Using a new design magnet strip as connection, any time they will always connect to each other in the correct way, comparing the normal magnet strips, it makes the installing more easy.

3. It fits to almost all types of window frames, with strong power magnet strips, attach the screen completely to the window frame and leave not more gap between the screen and the window frame. Efficiently keep out the annoying bugs, flies, protect your family and your living environment. With our magnet framed fly screen, just leave your window open, enjoy the fresh air without bugs.

The unique magnetic strip design ensures the tightness of the screen window and completely insulates all pest nuisance; the double sided back glue makes the installation more simple and convenient, only a few steps of operation, simple tools can easily complete the installation by yourself; it does not change the original window structure, applicable to most window types and different sizes, simple switch, and does not affect the use of the original window. It has a long service life and can withstand repeated opening for a long time without damaging the product; also easy for cleaning or replacing the mesh, after long term using, please use a wet cloth or soft brush to clean the mesh, for replacing the mesh, just simply take off the PVC cover, put the new mesh on the magnet strip and clip the PVC strip again. Comparing with the other aluminum framed insect screens, which is practical and economical.

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