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Chinese people have received a good news! Dalian, the source of the epidemic has been eliminated, Zhong Nanshan is right
Jan 27 , 2021

Recently, academician Zhong Nanshan said publicly in an interview that in view of whether the epidemic problem of domestic counterattack will affect people's return to their hometown during the Spring Festival, he gave corresponding solutions. In the face of the current critical situation, the people still can't take it lightly, and they should always attach great importance to the epidemic, so as to ensure the safety.

01 Chinese people have received a good news!

Since January 6, no new confirmed cases have been reported in Dalian for 10 days in a row, which is undoubtedly great good news for Chinese people, according to cnr.com. The new covid-19 outbreak in Dalian is spreading rapidly and has a variant strain. This is a fatal news for every citizen. And the outbreak of a large number of asymptomatic infections exceeds the confirmed infection. The sequencing of the virus is also closely related to many domestic cases.

02 The source of the epidemic in Dalian has been eliminated

China's novel coronavirus pneumonia has been eliminated since then. It is reported that the source of the virus is from abroad, and the initial judgement is from foreign imports of cold chain. Unlike most of the epidemic in China, this case is more urgent. The virus sequencing gene is also very different from the new crown pneumonia virus.

Dalian's efficient epidemic prevention measures have also brought great comfort to the public. Now the patients who have had close contact have been isolated. Through scientific research means and accurate epidemic prevention and control, the overall epidemic situation in Dalian has also been under corresponding control, and the relevant personnel and goods involved in the source have also been effectively controlled. The source of the epidemic has been successfully eliminated.

03 Zhong Nanshan was right

Near the Spring Festival, the high incidence of human flow in many places has brought an excellent way of transmission of the virus. The high incidence of sporadic epidemic and the epidemic confirmed what academician Zhong Nanshan said. The achievements made by various places for the distribution of epidemic can not help but make people sigh. With the previous experience of epidemic prevention and control, the prevention and control work of various regions in the face of the epidemic is more orderly.

It is the basic measure that everyone should take to prevent the spread of the epidemic to actively require the external personnel to do a good job in isolation and protection, to fundamentally eliminate the transmission route of the epidemic, and to remind individuals to wear masks and do a good job in protection. Academician Zhong Nanshan has long given an answer to the question of whether the winter epidemic will fight back. China has now formed its own epidemic prevention and control system, and a small-scale epidemic rebound is inevitable. However, the hope of a large-scale epidemic fall is still very small. In densely populated areas, effective prevention and control measures should be taken, and even in places with few people, it is better to be cautious too.

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