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How to choose screen windows or doors
Jul 20 , 2021
We often worry about unwanted "guests" such as intruders, stray animals and annoying insects that may affect our security and health. But how to choose good screen window. In the process of choosing window screens, we must choose a regular brand manufacturer to buy.

Flyzizz screen doors and windows are an effective way to maintain security while allowing clear vision and ventilation. Our products aesthetically pleasing and functional product is very convenient.

Fiberglass mesh is preferred by many people because the material allows ample fresh air to circulate in and through the home. Though it does come with a higher cost, fiberglass mesh is also more durable, making it the better choice in areas with heavy traffic, like a back door or sunroom.

Fiberglass mesh screen windows or doors: Generally installed on the doors and Windows or Windows outside the framed gauze mesh, this kind of window screen is widely used in doors and Windows corridor, the main role is to prevent small insects mosquitoes fly into the room. It has a lot of colors, the most common white, black and grey, fiberglass mesh window screen is woven with plain, with light weight, beautiful and generous, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, ventilation and other advantages, often used in civil buildings. Because of its high quality and cheap material, light and easy to clean, so by the majority of consumers love.

Fiberglass window screen it is made by glass fiber coated plastic silk this material, Also call it to be invisible screen on market commonly, it is a kind of very fashionable screen this year,its advantage is the use of a very long time, the use of a wide range, does not contain harmful substances.

So when choosing screen Windows or doors, we must pay attention to its service quality, including reliable installation quality and thoughtful after-sales service.

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