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Winter Solstice
Dec 21 , 2020

Winter solstice is an important solar term in Chinese lunar calendar. Two thousand five hundred years ago in the spring and autumn period, China has measured the winter solstice by observing the sun from Tugui, it is one of the earliest developed in the 24 solar terms, time of the year of the Gregorian calendar on December 21 ~ 23, the ancients believed that from the winter solstice, the days are getting longer and longer, Heaven and Earth Yang qi began to do gradually stronger, represents the beginning of the next cycle, is the auspicious day.

As the most important traditional festival in China, the winter Solstice also has different customs in different regions. After thousands of years of development, a unique seasonal food culture has formed. However, eating dumplings is still the custom of most Chinese people on the winter Solstice.

In north China, there is a custom of eating jiaozi during the winter Solstice, the red solstice is a sunny day, and the black solstice is a cloudy day with rain and snow.To sum up, this saying means the winter solstice is sunny and the end of the year is full of rain and snow. The winter Solstice is rainy/snowy, so the dry winter is the Spring Festival, and there is less rain and snow during and after the year.

In fact, monsoon climate change varies by region throughout the year. And the climate is changeable, and the temperature difference between north and south of the winter Solstice is very large. Moreover, even within a region, it is impossible to accurately predict recent weather trends by using changes in the weather during a single day or solar term. After all, with the influence of global warming and other comprehensive factors on climate change, today's climate change laws changed more or less when and before this statement came into being. It's a little less accurate to use this old saying to describe today's climate change patterns than it is to use real-time weather forecasts from weather satellites.

Winter is a tough season, also because of this, the little warmth is most lasting. Every winter solstice this day can always reminds us to endless yearning, miss my parents kind smile, miss parents package delicious dumplings, even people in a foreign land, the memory of the moment, these warm heart always ripples of warm water, a little warm in cold winter also can make us feel warm for a long time.

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