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What's the Best Anti-Mosquito Magnetic Door Curtain?
Nov 27 , 2020

We believe, you love the smell of the fresh air outside your home, all the spring and summer breeze that you can find outside the window of your terrace, but you may get lots of unwanted pests, insects, bugs into your home. The DIY magnetic door curtain may give you one of the best summers ever, this magnetic mesh screen door can be the sentry door that stops insects, mosquitoes enter your home. Someone maybe has heard about the magnetic netting screen door, but some don’t, so let’s take a look at the anti mosquito magnetic screen door.

Firstly, you should know what’s the magnetic screen door curtain used for?

It is a screen door with magnetic closure that you can hang in your door which allows air to get in but keep bugs, mosquitoes, and flies out of your homes, patio, garage and your backyard free from insects.

Here are some benefits of this magnetic door curtain, as below:

· Keep fresh air get in and flow in your homes.

· Keep insects, bugs, flies, and mosquitoes out of your homes.

· Allow children, pets such as dogs and cats easy access in and out of your homes.

· Allow adults in and out hands-free.

Secondly, you should know what makes magnetic door curtain special?

The difference between the traditional screen and this magnetic door curtain is the function of the magnet. When you use a traditional door screen, you are faced with the hassle and thumbnail press handles. Maybe you have to use your hand or some quick movement just to go through it. And then, you have to make sure the screen is left right in place to keep the bugs outside. But with this- It’s different. The magnetic screen door acts as a sentry to blocks insects!

No need to worry, you are able to walk straight to the screen door without using a hand to open it. If both of your hands are full after doing some grocery shopping, you don’t need to worry and having to place all the boxes or bags to open the door. You don’t need to do that because you can walk through a magnetic door screen easily!

And on the plus side, it is a child and pet-friendly too! This means, you won’t have to worry about how your child or your pet goes inside or outside, because they can literally walk through it, just like that!

Thirdly, you should know how to measure a magnetic door curtain? Before you buy the magnetic door curtain, pls make sure you have your doors’ measurements, to measure the height from the top to the floor, pls note you must measure your door from top of the inside jamb to the top of the floor plate! And the width measurement should be started from the inside of the door jamb where you’ll place the rod.

Lastly, you also should know how to install the Anti-mosquito Magnetic Door Curtain?

Installing the magnetic door curtain is easy and fast, because all you have to do is stick the Velcro tape to your door and then attach the magnetic screen net door to it, but there are several things you need to consider, here are more detailed instructions:

1. Find a door where you want to install the screen.

2. See if the door opened inwards or outwards, if your door opens inwards, install it on the outside of the door, if your door opens outwards, then install it on the inside of the door.

3. Lay the screen flat on a clean surface.

4.  Attach the sticky-backed Velcro to your door.

5. Pick up the screen and bring it up to the opening.

6. Remove the sticky tape and press it firmly to the door jam.

Or, you can check below installation manual:

Now, you can understand this magnetic fly screen door curtain, and you had known which is the best Magnetic Screen Door Curtain, we know that there are many magnetic screen doors in the market, but you should double-check if the materials are excellent and long-lasting. But don’t worry, you don’t have to research it by yourself about which magnetic screen door is the best because I’m going to recite it to you. Flyzzz magnetic screen door curtain, many customers highlight the ease of installing their door, it only takes them 15 minutes to do it, and with the velcro, you can take it off quickly. The magnetic catch also lets the door open and close conveniently, making it easy for you, your children, and your pet to precisely walk freely without having to use your hand at all. And it is correctly fantastic for preserving the fresh air and keeping flies out.

More info., pls check www.flyziran.com, thank you.

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