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Fiberglass Insect Screen
Screen Window Sunset
Dec 09 , 2020

The sun has already startled the birds that live in the woods in the west, and the hooves of cattle and sheep coming back also sounded the waiting of cooking smoke. So I looked at the chicken on the windowsill behind the window, separated by the thin gauze. This is the scene many years ago, the years are also like a layer of yarn, all the past can be seen clearly, but is cut to pieces.

Insect Screen Window

At that time, the insect screen window was extremely simple, and it could not even be called screen. It seems that it is to use a very fine fishing net to replace it. In the past, it caught swimming fish, but it could not catch water. Now it stops mosquitoes, but it is separated from the constant wind, the moon and the setting sun. Now I want to come, after sitting alone in the window at dusk, there is no flower shadow shaking fragrance, and there is no amorous feelings. Through the screen window, you can only see a corner of the sunset, a bird on the ground, or a lazy chicken.

The screen window is not colorful, or faded back to its original color in the wind and rain. In addition to red plating by the setting sun and black by the long night, the screen window is only silently guarding the narrow and broad space of the world. The vertical and horizontal silk thread cuts the thread, and also cuts the sun and moon in the morning and dusk. Once in the evening, I watched the mosquitoes and flies falling on the screen windows, their transparent wings carrying the evening photos, their thin legs climbing with thin silk, and their longing. After watching for a long time, I couldn't tell whether they were imprisoned outside or I was imprisoned inside.

The setting sun hanging on the eaves has been more and more tilted by the long wind. A deformed window shadow is cast on the wall of the house. In the red light and shadow, there is no screen window and no mosquitoes and flies working hard on it. Just like many years later, I can see the dusk, but I can't see the subtle things I have. The swallow's murmur under the eaves glides in with the setting sun through the countless holes in the screen window, so the shadow of the window on the wall is also vivid. Gradually, the room was dark, the screen was silent, and the mosquitoes were quiet.

In fact, in my recollection, those dusks with screen windows are not all so quiet, and there are noises that let me linger. On the old poplar trees in the South Garden, sparrows are making noises about every green leaf. Ducks and geese come back from the walk, singing and laughing. There are two or two protests from flower dogs. The hungry roar of pigs penetrates the crowd with a texture. These noises can't melt the sunset and the screen windows can't stop them. So the small window contains all the human fireworks, and the window gauze also sends out the warmth of the world; so the silent face in the window softens, and the most simple love is in the eyes.

When the time left the initial growth, when the dust of the small village has turned into a distant dust, sometimes I will still lean against the window, will face the setting sun, will also be separated by a layer of insect screen mesh, those gauze is more exquisite, there are flowers shaking fragrance outside the screen window, there is a mountain Pavilion shadow, and the heart also has all kinds of thoughts, so, silence is still, but there is no peace and worry.

Will still be nostalgic for the past sunset screen, although there is no golden house, it is the same dusk, there will be no loneliness, no tears, pear everywhere, I am still willing to open the door of the world. Yes, I am willing to capture the warmth and sentimentality of each line of setting sun in the dust flying and the fine and dense screen window.

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