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Fiberglass Insect Screen
How to Choose a Suitable Window Screens
Nov 20 , 2020

Window screens are indispensable in our hot summer. It is not only allow the fresh air in, but also resist the invasion of mosquitoes and other pests. So how to choose screen windows is very important to everyone.

1. How to choose a window screens;

a. Mesh selection: to see whether the screen is good or not, it depends on whether its eye holes are even. For example, the high-quality glass fiber anti-mosquito yarn imported from the United States has 16×18 mesh holes per square inch (25.4 square centimeters), the mesh holes are slightly rectangular, and the shape of the mesh holes is neat  and tidy; in addition, the thickness of the yarn should be Uniform. Touching the window screen with your hand, if it feels very scratchy, like ironed with an iron, it will be in  good quality; while the general domestic glass fiber screen is soft and does not collapse. The cost of domestically produced glass fiber screens is only about 2 yuan or 3 yuan per square meter, while imported high-quality glass fiber screens cost 12 yuan to 13 yuan, so it is necessary to prevent shoddy.

b. Structure: A good Roller insect screen window, the mesh is trimmed with nylon silk, and the device has a positioning rod in the guide rail. It must be made to open freely, but also to be sealed to resist strong wind. And the jerry-built Retractable window screen always save a important process. Just put the mesh in the guide rails on both sides. When the strong wind coming, the screens are blown away. Naturally, mosquitoes enter through the gaps and cannot play the role of mosquito release. So pay attention to when buying, pull it, whether the window screen will come out.

c. Device: The so-called device is mainly a stop device. There is a box at one end of the roller blind screen. When you need to prevent mosquitoes, gently pull the screen to the end, snap it into the bead, and seal the screen completely; pull up the screen and the screen will be rolled into the window box. If there is a stop device, how far the screen window is opened, it will stop there, so as not to be completely received in the window box, but also use a stool to climb up to pull it down, convenient! Also note that if the screen is installed outside the glass window, the self-locking device parts should be aluminum alloy.

1. Review of fly screen windows

a. Evaluate the materials of window screens, including imported interwoven gauze, domestically made glass fiber mesh, and some are made of plastic. Whether it is easy to deform is the focus of the test. The size of the eyelet, the thickness of the yarn, and the feel are all objects of investigation. At the same time, wind resistance can be investigated.

b. Evaluate the structure and device of the screen window, among which free opening and good sealing are the criteria for purchase.

c. The choice of evaluation frame should also conform to the overall home decoration style.

d. Evaluate whether it is easy to clean. There are automatic cleaning and detachable cleaning on the market.

e. Evaluation of after-sales service.

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