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Fiberglass Insect Screen
Most Popular Questions About Window Screens
Nov 02 , 2020

Window fiberglass screen are a part of our daily lives that are easy to forget about till they aren’t working. Though simple, window screens make an impact on our daily lives. Today, we are sharing a few more reasons why we all should appreciate our window screens.

What is the Purpose of Window Screens?

At first this may seem like an odd question. However, if you have never taken the time to appreciate your screens, this is a viable question. Because of advanced technology and modern needs, window screens can serve a variety of purposes including solar protection, air filtration system, and more. However, every screen created is meant to several at least one purpose and that is to keep bugs and other pests out of your home and out of your life.

When Were Screens Invented?

Screens first came to be during the 1880s. American Farmer is one of the first places that mentions window screens: woven wire for window screens. However, the first patent for the invention of the window screen was filed by Bayley and McCluskey on July 7, 1868. It is reported that cheese clothes and even woven horsehair served as window screen construction materials until they started using galvanized steel during the 1920s and later aluminum and woven fiberglass.

Why Are Window Screens Important?

Because window screens keep bugs and pests out of your home such as mosquitos, flies, spiders, squirrels, raccoons, and other disease carrying pests, when window screens began to be implemented on a widespread scale, the U.S. saw a significant decline in diseases related to pests. Less cases of malaria were reported and food wasn t spoiled by flies. Though simple and seemingly unimpressive, window screens keep us healthy, happy, and able to enjoy life without flies, mosquitos, and gnats buzzing round our heads.

How Long Do Window Screens Last?

The short answer to this question is it depends on the material that your screen is made out of and the wear and tear that it encounters. For example, many pet owners experience ripped screens due to the paws and claws of their furry friends. However, if they install pet screen, which is seven times stronger than traditional screen, they can enjoy whole screens for months if not years longer than traditional screen. Super screen can also provide increased durability as well as stainless steel screen and security screen.

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