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How to Clean the Screen Window
Nov 26 , 2021

When winter comes, the screens are useless, but the screens that have been accumulated for more than half a year are not so easy to clean. It's hard to wash them. Here may as well try several methods I summarized how to clean screen window.

Tools / raw materials: Sponge, rag, vacuum cleaner, used newspaper, Lotion, Spray pot

1. Cleaning method of common screen window

If you can take down the screen, you can take it down and rinse it slowly with a spray bottle. If it's convenient, you can take it to the bathroom and wash it with the shower head. If there's nothing, you can wash it with the faucet and wipe the lotion on the old toothbrush and sponge. Some people like to use invisible screens, so there is no need to take them down here. If the invisible screen is taken down, it will become a soft ball, but it can't be cleaned. Here might as well use water to drag invisible mosquito net screen window, drag how much wash how much. It's clean.

Common Screen Window

2. How to deal with dirty screens

Vacuum cleaner method: Put newspaper on the back of the screen window. If you're afraid that the newspaper will fly away, you can press it with glass. If you can't, you can just stick it with adhesive tape on the four corners of the newspaper. The newspaper should be thicker. Then vacuum the screen. If the vacuum cleaner is powerful, the screen will be clean soon.

Dust as the main body of the screen treatment.

Transfer method: Or use the old newspaper, first wet the newspaper, and then stick it on the screen to wait for air drying, which can transfer some dust. This is what I do. I put lotion on the newspaper. For example, if there is too much oil on the screen, I put detergent on it. Then the oil dissolves in the newspaper. Finally, when I open the screen of the newspaper, it is clean.

3. Cleaning method of screen window in special polluted area
In general, kitchen screens are particularly difficult to handle. The method is to remove the screen window, lay newspapers on the ground, brush with steel wire ball, and use detergent. When most of the oil stains are removed, wipe them with wet sponge. Finally, rinse with water. Pay attention not to use water at the beginning, water can not melt oil, it will only make the home more dirty
Invisible Mosquito Net Screen Window

4. Comprehensive nursing method of batter

You can go to the supermarket to buy some flour, mix with water to become a thick batter, brush it directly on the screen window, and then wait for it to dry. After it is completely dry, you can directly wash it away with tap water, and the dirty things on the screen window can be washed away with the batter.

5. Matters needing attention

Don't take down the invisible screen and wash it

Don't wash the kitchen screen directly with water, and pay attention to oiling regularly.

No matter how good the screen window is, it needs to be maintained. Please don't pull it hard and keep it dry.

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