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Fiberglass Insect Screen
Repairing Your Window Screen is Easy and Inexpensive
Nov 12 , 2021

Windows and Doors are an extremely important part of your home or commercial building. Without them, you wouldn’t be able to see the sunshine or feel breezes when the weather is nice. Most windows have both a glass pane and a screen to provide extra protection. These screens on your windows and doors are very important and should be maintained to protect your building and the windows themselves. Window screens are a great invention: They protect the window, keep out insects and debris and make your home more secure. But what happens when they’re damaged?

Windows and Doors Screen

Luckily, cleaning, repairing and replacing window screens are easy jobs. Even building a new replacement screen is simple. So let’s get started.

When the screen window or screen door have a small hole, it is give mosquitoes a chance to intrude into your room. Do you think this set of screens is useless, but it's a pity to throw it away? Don't worry, you needn't throw it away, you just need to use flyzzz screen repair tape and stick it on the damaged screen, so the screen window or screen door can continue to use, and keep mosquito out. It not only saves money, but also is very convenient to use.

Insect Retractable Screen Door

How to Repair you screen window or door?  Here are the installation step:

1) Wipe down damaged screen area with a dry cloth. 

2) Cut adhesive mesh screen repair to length using a scissor.

Apply Flyzzz Mesh Screen Tape to original inside screen, and Enjoy!

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