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Fiberglass Insect Screen
Simple and Easy Install Screen Window---Fixed Frame Screen Window
Dec 10 , 2021

Did you ever think you could control the climate in your indoor living area? Our insect screens allow fresh air to flow into your home and keep mosquitoes and bugs out, and provide protection from the sun's UV rays. Turn off the air conditioner, enjoying fresh air and gentle breezes and keeping annoying summer time bugs and insects out of your house. Fixed Frame Screen Window works best with all the door frames, which installed to the window frame with the distance to your existing window, so it won't affect the normal opening and closing of your window. It is also effective in stop mosquito, ventilation, and to some extent, (partly) prevent dust from entering the room.

Fixed frame screen window

The fixed frame screen window is composed of aluminum profile, fiberglass mesh and some plastic accessories. As far as we know, the aluminum is a light weight material, at the same volume, its proportion almost 1/3 of the iron materials. Comparing with the iron window, which reduced the weight greatly, one people should be enough to install this screen window easily.

With simple tools should be easily cut, assembly and installing. With innovative metal hooks, adjustable by the final user, which ensures the screen window always fix properly to your window frame, isolate the bugs but release the breeze and fresh air.

Product Characteristic: The light weight but solid aluminum profiles and plastic components makes the installation more simple and convenient, with the instruction page, only a few steps of operation, simple tools can easily complete the installation by yourself; it does not change the original window structure, applicable to most European style window types and different sizes, simple switch, and does not affect the use of the original window. It has a long service life and can withstand repeated opening and closing for a long time without damaging the product; also easy for cleaning or replacing the mesh, after long term using, please use a wet cloth or soft brush to clean the mesh. The replacing of the mesh will also convenient: take out the sealing rubber from the groove on the aluminum profile and replace the new mesh, after that seal the rubber strip on it again. Or for small holes on the screen, you can also try our screen repairing tape.

Screen repair tape

How to repair a window screen?
It’s surprisingly easy to replace or repair the screens by yourself, to save quite a bit of money. You just buy a roll of fiberglass mesh, spline tool, or the cheaper roll of repair tape in every DIY home workshop.
① Remove the old screen frame from the window or door.
② Pull the damaged screen mesh out of the frame’s grooves.
③ Cut a piece of new fiberglass mesh and position the mesh over the frame and making sure the mesh pattern is square.
④ Use the spline tool to press slowly the mesh into the frame’s groove.
⑤ When the mesh is fully installed, trim the excess fabric mesh around the edge of the frame.
⑥ Reinstall the frame.

If only a little tears and holes, using the screen repair tape, only 5 seconds and you're done! No tools are needed! Just cut and put in place to cover tears and holes of any size. It couldn't be any easier!

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