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Fiberglass Insect Screen
Why are need install screen windows and doors?
Aug 20 , 2021

Window screens are important to us and we are excited to share with you why they are so impactful on our lives. We believe in their impact so much that we offer a variety of traditional and specialty window screens --we even offer custom window screens! Read today’s blog to learn about all the benefits that window screens can provide for you and your home.

Benefits Of Window Screens

Screen doors and Windows are the "eyes" of buildings. As the main way of anti-mosquito, anti-theft and protection, they are the channels of communication between people and the environment, and also a symbol of caring for family members of homeowners. So what are the specific functions of screen doors and Windows? Let me break it down for you.

1. Barrier protection

When opening the window, it can prevent mosquitoes, flies and other insects from flying in and climbing in. It can prevent the close contact with mosquitoes while ventilating and breathing close to nature. No matter what type of screen you invest in you can assume that, if it is installed correctly and doesn’t have any holes in it that it will keep the bugs out. This is the original reason why screens were invented. When screens were not used, bugs seemed to get into everything — imagine the last picnic that you had and how the bugs just seemed to find their way into everything and think about dealing with their nuisance all the time. You would have no protection from mosquitoes who could bite you at will while you sleep. You would find flies walking around on all your food, leaving their disease-ridden footprints on everything, and spiders would be even more prevalent in your home.

2, Air filtration

Flyzzz Screen doors and windows can filter pollen, fly ash, bacteria, hair, and agricultural and airborne dust, to prevent the air in the garbage pollution indoor. Flyzzz air filtration screens are the answer to enjoying fresh air no matter the season or how much allergies affect you. Our air filtration screen keeps irritants and allergens outside your home while allowing fresh air in.

3. Protect Us From Disease

Because pests such as mosquitoes and flies no longer have free reign to fly and walk around our homes whenever they please, as a modern society we suffer from less diseases related to pests. Before window screens began to be used, in the 1930s nearly one-third of those living in the Southeastern part of the United States suffered from malaria. Since then, cases of malaria have significantly decreased — almost eradicating the disease from the U.S. According to some, the increased risk for modern diseases carried by mosquitoes such as West Nile and even yellow fever is due to modern homeowners and others not installing window screens in their homes. Though to some window screens look ugly or may seem like one more home expense, the protection they provide against disease is unquestionable.

4, Is an Insulator

Prevent some small debris lost to the outdoor, in addition to the screen with guardrail can also play to prevent children from falling. Window screens can also act as insulators to keep heat in during the cold winter months and cool air in during the sweltering months of summer. Screens may not help to keep temperature regulation in your home as it should be as much as sealed windows and the argon and krypton between your window panes might, but they definitely contribute! As a result, be sure to mend all holes and tears in your window screens even during the winter to keep all that heat inside.

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