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A few things that the Cat owners must pay attention to --- Screen windows
Jul 09 , 2021

Some people may not feel that there is anything wrong with not installing a screen window at home after raising a cat, but if there is any accident to the cat, it will be too late for the owner to regret it. So if there is no screen window installed in the home, what situations may the host face? First of all, for cats living in high-rise buildings, appropriate screens can effectively prevent them from falling from high altitude and dying. When the height exceeds a certain range, the cat will not only be injured, but also die directly. Secondly, even if they don't live in high-rise buildings, it doesn't mean that cats will not be in danger. For example, cats don't come back from home, they are injured by other animals when they go out without permission, and they are infected with some parasitic diseases. Because we can't not open the window, so in order to protect the cat, the owners must do a good job of installing the screen.

Mosquito Window Screen

Fig. 1 no screen barrier will make the cat eager to go out

If you think that you can get everything right by installing a screen window, you are very wrong. You should know that cats are not easy animals, and their "martial arts" will make you feel amazing. For example, whether in life or on the Internet, you may have heard such bloody complaints: "I just changed the screen window, but it was scratched by the cat again", "I thought the screen window could stop the cat from going out, but it directly dug a hole in the screen window", "the cat learned to open the screen window"…… Therefore, for the cat family, the installation of screen windows seems to be a technical job.

Due to the material, the traditional screen windows installed in many families can't block the cat's way at all. The cat may scratch the screen window several times (or even only once). In this case, only changing the screen window has no effect, because the cat will scratch the screen window again and again. For once and for all, many owners began to use their brains on the screen materials. In fact, it is not uncommon to use stainless steel and other materials to make screen windows, and some owners do find that the cat has not scratched the screen window after changing into the screen window made of this kind of material. However, not all fuel-efficient people agree with this kind of product. Some owners say that even if it's wire gauze, their cats are capable of destroying this barrier. There may be more than one reason for this situation. For example, when a cat with strong destructive power encounters a screen window with quality problems, the screen window may be defeated by the cat's paw. In addition, if the production process of the screen window is improved, the cat's paw will be destroyed If there is a problem, the cat may cause great damage to the screen, so the owner must be careful when choosing such products.
traditional screen windows

Fig. 2 stainless steel screen window is much better than traditional screen window in anti-destructive force

Just choosing the right window screen doesn't necessarily make the cat completely isolated from the world outside the window, because some cats are good at opening the window screen. For example, if your window screen is left-right push-pull, then the cat doesn't have to scratch the window screen. They just need to push the window screen to get out (although not every cat can open the window). Some owners may have tried such a method: in the window with a clip, so you can increase the resistance of the screen.

Fig. 3 a clip on the edge of the screen window can increase the resistance of pushing the screen window

It should be noted that the owner needs to test whether the screen can be opened easily after adding the clip, so as to avoid the situation that the cat successfully pushes the screen due to too loose clip or the clip can not effectively prevent the screen from being pushed open. If the clip is not suitable, the owner needs to replace the appropriate clip in time. Of course, if you encounter a powerful cat, the clip won't work, and the owners can buy a child safety lock for the sliding window. For another example, some family screens may be flat window type, but the screen only has a small magnetic strip at the window handle for fixing. In this case, the probability of cats going out without permission will be greatly increased. The owner needs to pay attention to this problem when installing the screen. You can choose to install the screen which can be locked. If you can't change the screen temporarily or encounter some special circumstances, you can only use other methods to prevent the cat from escaping.

Of course, everyone's problems may be different. You have to find solutions according to your own needs. For example, due to various reasons, some families can't install screens, so the owners can choose to install anti-theft nets that can ensure that the cat can't slip away; while some families don't use anti cat scratch screens, but they buy their own protective nets of appropriate materials Grid fixed on the screen, and then do a good job in fixing the screen, can also achieve the purpose of preventing cats from falling or escaping, and this is a very economical way. Because the situation of each family will not be exactly the same, and sometimes you may encounter unexpected things, so for the problem of screen window, according to the actual situation of their own home to choose the most appropriate solution is the king. If the owner has any good methods, he can share with you to create a good living environment for the cat.

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