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Fiberglass Insect Screen
Flyziran to Build New Factory for Fly Screens
Jan 15 , 2021

Flyziran is building a new plant in its own industrial area since the end of 2020, to focus on its future lineup of roller fly insect screen and pleated screens.

The new factory and facility, scheduled to open in the next year to enlarge the production capacity, will produce some new retractable screen windows and doors, DIY magnetic door curtain and other mosquito nets. Flyziran is still considering where and how to build the new automatic production lines and has not said how many people will work there. We will use the new production center to enlarge our storage area and upgrade the interiors and add the technology customers will want for a particular fly insect screen products.

After two years of solid growth rates of up to 40%-50%, this new 2021 season all shipments of rolling up screen windows and doors, sliding mosquito net, pleated screen system rose rapidly, we deliver out 3x40HC container every day, which makes all staff in the Flyziran very stressful. Ultimately, it’s expected to create up to 200 to 300 new jobs by 2022, and it has enough storage area and it can expland production to make sure all shipment can be shipping out on time as per customers’ requirements.

We see more consumers interested in more new fly screens, and the technology of retractable screens system is getting better, we plan to develop more new products in 2021, that is the pleated insect screen for roof windows.

Insect screens for skylights makes life under the roof a real pleasure even in summer. Because with an insect screen for skylights, summer can come - and flies, moths, mosquitoes and other unwanted guests have to stay outside. With an insect screen from Flyziran, you can now enjoy the best time of the year to the fullest. Because your insect screen makes the skylight an insurmountable obstacle for any humming and buzzing insects. You can now also keep your windows open in the evening with the lights on or even tilt open your skylights all through the night. This way you can enjoy the summer under the roof undisturbed even at night.

The mesh is made with glass fiber covered in PVC to minimise shading of your room, as well as being mounted into the lining of the window to allow the addition of other internal or external blinds. You can also use many of our accessories with these insect blinds for roof windows.

If you have questions about how our insect mesh for roof windows works, give us a call or visit our website: www.flyzirancom, to get in touch with our helpful team. 

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