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How to choose the Right Retractable Screen
Aug 20 , 2020

Are you looking for a retractable screen solution for your opening? Choosing a retractable screen for your home or office is not an easy task and it needs a lot of things to consider, how to choose the right product? For getting the perfect retractable screens for your house, you need to be aware of a whole lot of things, now we’re here to help you to make the right choice! This is a quick guide to help you to make the right choice!

Firstly, where will you use retractable screens? it is the utilization, it means two things, location, and what the primary use is.

For example, you said that you want to use for your garage entry, now the manufacturer or vendor recommend the right retractable screens for you? The DIY pleated retractable screen door, the DIY retractable window or the Roller screen doors.If it is vertical retractable screens, the housing is installed above and there is no bottom track. If you have a multi-sliding door, then we recommend the pleated single or double retractable screen windows or doors for you.

Secondly, the best place to start is size, this is important, because this can limit or expand your options based on the size of the opening. You can list the windows dimensions or doors dimensions and ask the manufacturer or vendor, they usually send their specifications sizes to you as below:




Window Screen

Max 170cm

Max 170cm

Single Door Screen

Max 160cm

Max 250cm

Double Door Screen

Max 320cm

Max 250cm

Now, you can understand what’s sizes and the products informations they can offer, you decide whether you buy the DIY Kits or the semi-finished materials from them and then you can cut and assemble by yourself.

The last part is replacement, repairing or replacing a retractable screens is very smple and easy. If your windows/doors look old or break on frequent usage, you can replace the same very easily, you just need to buy a screen mesh and not a full screens windows/doors. You can install the screen by yourself or can get expert assistance for perfect fit from the shop or manufacturer, they can provide detailed, written installation instructions with every parts and also host a wide variety of helpful how-to-videos for your convenience.

Of course, over all of that, we have customizations that can make it even more unique, all products offered can be customized to match your home, even wood grain options are available upon request!

Still not sure which screen is better for you? Give us a call, we will be happy to help you find the perfect retractable screen solutions for your home!

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