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Fiberglass Insect Screen
Brief Introduction of Invisible Screen Door and Windows
Aug 26 , 2020

The invisible screen window is a screen window which can automatically roll back the mesh, it is mainly used for ventilation and mosquito control. The frame is tightly attached to the window frame, when in use, the screen will be pulled down. When it is not used, the mesh will automatically roll back into the net box. It doesn't take up space and has good sealing to the door/window. Coordinate with high-grade home decoration. Working principle of reel type: the yarn net is collected through the drum. Opening mode: manual, electric, chain bead. Opening direction: vertical or horizontal. Foldable working principle: collect the net through the folds of the net (like accordion).

Some people like to use mosquito repellent incense or electric mosquito repellent incense, while others like to use spray. In any case, using invisible screen is the most natural, healthy, environmental and economic way. Invisible screen is a kind of screen window with beautiful and practical appearance, which can be pulled out when using and retracted when it is not in use. It’s not only can prevent mosquitoes and insects, but also can prevent outdoor dust from entering the home, thus protecting our health.


According to the way of use, the invisible screen can be divided into three categories: rolling curtain invisible screen, folding invisible screen and magnetic tape fixed screen window. In recent years, the first two types are more popular and universal, especially the rolling shutter invisible screen window has appeared a wind resistant type, using the perfect combination of double gauge edge wrapping cloth and zipper type, and the edge does not run yarn.

Invisible screen Brief introduction

It includes mesh and mesh winding mechanism composed of main pipe, spring box, shaft support, inner shaft and end seat. It has the function of ordinary screen window. At the same time, the opening of window glass and screen window can be adjusted according to the needs. When the glass window is pushed open, the mesh will expand with the glass window and block the opening part. When the glass window is closed, the mesh will be wound on the inner shaft under the spring force of the winding mechanism It is stored in the main pipe, does not occupy space, does not affect the appearance of the window, with the glass window switch or hidden or visible, easy to install and remove, is an ideal screen window used with sliding window.

Invisible screen is not "invisible" in the real sense. The design principle of invisible screen window is just that the wire diameter of the material is very thin (1/1000 of a millimeter) and the transmittance is very high (96%). Without careful observation, it seems to be "almost without screen window": 1. the material that can make invisible screen window requires high tensile strength, transparency, corrosion resistance, weather resistance, stability and stability Low refractive index. 2. Transparent monofilament must be used. 3. Because of the high density of the system, the diffraction phenomenon of light can be formed and "high-grade white" can be formed. 4. Electroless coating can increase light transmittance. 5. The gauze can roll back automatically.

Glass fiber yarn, polyester yarn and SPL yarn are commonly used for the window screen. Glass fiber yarn and polyester yarn are plain woven yarn. We usually use glass fiber plain yarn. There are black, grey and white colors. Black yarn is mostly used in the north and grey in the south of China, but the strength of black yarn is higher than that of grey yarn. Carbon black should be added to black yarn and gray pigment should be added when producing grey yarn. Carbon black itself is a kind of stabilizer and adhesive, which makes PVC better adhere to glass fiber. This is also the reason why the strength of black yarn is higher than that of grey yarn. Polyester yarn is high in strength but not fireproof, and has been banned in some cities such as Beijing. SPL yarn is a hank yarn, which has the highest strength among these kinds of yarns. However, the price is relatively high, and the key problem is that it cannot be fireproof. Some people use this kind of yarn in home decoration, but it cannot be used in engineering.

Nail free installation

There are two main installation methods of invisible screen window in the market: according to the opening type of the window, there are flat type and push-pull type. The flat type is fixed on the window by several straight buttons with screws, which cannot be moved. The other is push-pull type, which is directly fixed with screws on the slide, and can be moved on the slide. The opening type of general window determines the installation mode of screen window. The installation method of nail free invisible screen window is fixed by high-strength double-sided adhesive tape and glass glue, which can not damage the window and is installed firmly. Therefore, it is adopted by more and more manufacturers. However, high-rise residential buildings generally use internal casement windows, and it is not recommended to use nail free rolling curtain invisible screen windows. The reason is very simple, because there is no screw fixation, in case the invisible screen falls off and falls, it will cause personal injury or property. Therefore, this invisible screen is not recommended for high-rise buildings.

Professional knowledge

1. Choose the right profile first when choosing invisible screen, the market is mainly divided into aluminum alloy and plastic steel products. The main market of plastic steel profile is engineering, and its service life is about 1 year. The aluminum alloy profile market is divided into engineering and home decoration. The service life of engineering screen window is about 3 years, and that of home decoration screen window is about 5 years. Note: (the service life is not the overall damage of the screen, but partly damage.)

2 bearing difference: bearing is divided into domestic bearing and imported bearing.

3. Spring selection: the spring is divided into window spring and door spring.

4. Difference of yarn mesh: the yarn mesh is divided into glass fiber mesh and polyester coated chemical fiber mesh.

5. Screen window design: the window height is too high and the width is too narrow, it will be inconvenient to use the screen window. For example, if it is too high to pull down, the mesh will come out as soon as the wind blows, and the magnetic strip can't absorb and roll back automatically.

6. Screen door design: because the lower track is often stepped on, so when choosing screen door, pay attention to the profile to be thick, and has a unique step-proof strengthening design.

7. Color of screen doors and windows: due to the complex color of doors and windows, it is necessary to check whether the quality of colors is fading or falling off when purchasing screen doors and windows. Generally, the surface color treatment process of invisible screen doors made by large manufacturers is formed by baking after electrostatic powder spraying. This production process is used for bridge broken aluminum doors and windows, so it is the most matching with doors and windows And so on.

Application scope

We all know the benefits of invisible screen, but few people know that invisible screen doesn’t suitable for all types of windows. The most appropriate is the best, is the same principle of screen selection. Therefore, in some cases, people should avoid the interference of business publicity and choose the most appropriate screen. Application scope of invisible screen window:

1. Aluminum alloy structure casement window, which is only suitable for linkage handle. For the casement window with drive lock structure, it is recommended not to use. Therefore, the installation position of the handle of the drive lock is closely connected with the frame position of the window, and there is not enough position to provide the installation side groove. Plastic steel casement window is not suitable to install invisible screen window because of the large handle.

2. For the casement window opened at the bottom, it is not suitable to install hook type invisible screen window, but magnetic suction invisible screen window can be installed.

3. It is not suitable to install the invisible screen window if it is too large. Although the width of the two-way invisible screen window is limited, once the window is too wide, it will be difficult to scale or shrink both hands in one direction at the same time. Therefore, it is not recommended to use the invisible screen.

Scheme design

1. Installation scheme

Because part of the window height is too high and the width is too narrow, causing the inconvenience when you use the screen window. For example, it is too hard to pull down too high, the yarn mesh will come out under the wind blows, and there is the magnetic suction screen window cannot absorb and automatically roll back up, etc. (magnetic screen has been eliminated in most areas)

Suggestion: if the window width of your home is more than 1.3 meters. When you are ready to order, ask the designer to design the side pull style. It is not only portable, avoid the above problems. Will also increase the service life of the screen window. Because the screen is pulled out of the distance is relatively short, so the screen accessories to ease the pressure. Brush type wind proof method should be selected as far as possible, in this way, it can not only prevent wind, but also prevent the mesh from being stuck by the frame.

2. Installation scheme

Because the lower track is often stepped on, so when choosing screen door, pay attention to the profile to be thick, and there is anti stepping reinforcement design.

Suggestion: after the screen door width is more than 1.5 meter, it is necessary to install the screen door. Because the single open side pull screen door, at this time the roll back is not smooth.

Breakdown maintenance

Opening time

In case of wind and rain on the external screen doors and windows, the screen should be rolled back before closing the window. If the screen floats out due to strong wind, it is necessary to plug the screen into the track first and then pull the screen doors and windows. When the wind is too strong, it is recommended to close the window or not use the screen window.

Pull items

When pulling the screen handle bar, pull it parallel to the track. If you accidentally pull the screen handle bar out of the track, firstly, tilt the handle bar, put both ends of the bar into the track, and then gently pull it for several times (pay attention to whether the upper and lower nets are rolled back flat when pulling). Then the screen doors and windows are restored, which will not affect the future use.

Surface maintenance

If the surface of the frame is accidentally abraded, it can be cleaned with detergent or sprayed with self spray paint.

Open state

When it is not necessary to use the screen door and window, the screen net should be roll back to the screen housing to avoid the long-time closing of the screen door and window, which will affect the service life of the spring and the cleanliness of the screen net.

Less trampling

It is forbidden to step on the aluminum profile to avoid damage.

Mesh cleaning

The screen does not need to be removed for cleaning. It can be cleaned by pulling the screen window or patting the screen with a feather duster. If the kitchen screen window stained with lampblack, you can use a wet cloth dipped in detergent to wipe the screen, and then wipe with a wet cloth, and then roll back after the screen is dry.

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