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Can mosquito get in? Can screen windows block mosquitoes?
Sep 10 , 2021

If spring is the season for all things to grow, then summer is the season for mosquitoes to fly together! Mosquitoes, fleas and flying ants are just like holding a carnival to invade human homes on a large scale. If they are ignored, they will cause mosquito infection, food poisoning and affect health. Therefore, if you want to protect your home from the interference of mosquitoes, screen doors, mesh, lamps and other home furnishings, all have anti insect tips, and finally teach you to make your own natural peppermint oil to protect yourself from mosquitoes!

5 Tips to prevent mosquitoes

1. Screen window (screen door) opening method

Most homes are equipped with screen windows (screen doors). The mesh on the top can keep ventilation and prevent insects. It's no problem to open windows to let air circulate on summer nights. But one or two mosquitoes always enter the room. Can the mosquito get through the mesh of the screen? This guess is only half right. As a columnist of the Japanese life website "screen research", Komoto Yoshizawa points out, the problem may lie in the way screen windows (screen doors) are opened.

The window track of a glass window is divided into three tracks: the right half is usually the first track closest to the indoor, the left half is the second track close to the indoor, and the screen window installed outside the glass window and closest to the outdoor is in the third track, which usually appears in the left half of the window.

The right half, the left half and the screen of the glass window can be pulled left and right on their respective three tracks, but the glass window and the screen are surrounded by window frames as protection to increase the width, and the window frames of the two glass windows are closed to make them close, so that mosquitoes can not invade.

Because the screen window (screen door) is on the left side, most people are used to opening the window only by opening the left half of the glass window as shown in the figure above. They think that the screen window can completely block the invasion of mosquitoes. However, if only the left half of the window is opened from left to right, the window frame is no longer aligned to the window frame, and the distance between the glass, gauze and the window frame is relatively loose, mosquitoes can take the opportunity to invade.

If you want ventilation without being disturbed by mosquitoes, you might as well move the screen window to the right half and open the right half of the glass window instead. In this way, the window frame of the screen window (screen door) and the window frame of the left half of the glass window can fit closely, so that mosquitoes can't enter the room.

2. Mesh size

The common mesh is 18 mesh (18#), which is about 1.15 mm in size, while the general mosquito's volume is about 2 mm ~ 4 mm. If the screen door is really closed, theoretically, it can effectively prevent the invasion of mosquitoes. However, the common mosquitoes in some areas are not only mosquitoes, but also many insects smaller than 1.15mm in size, such as flies. Then you can consider changing the screen door into 24 mesh, which is about 0.84mm in size. In addition, there are 30mesh and 40mesh mesh. However, the higher the mesh value is, the worse the ventilation effect is, and the more expensive the price is. Therefore, in terms of ventilation and price, 24 mesh is the most economical choice.

3. Thoroughly clean up mosquito breeding areas

As we all know, it is easy to breed mosquitoes in the water, so it is necessary to keep dry from time to time. But in fact, mosquitoes not only suck human blood, but also reliably suck nectar and drink dew. Therefore, potted plants at home also need to pay attention. Especially when watering the flowers, the excess water will flow down to the bottom of the pot, and the adult mosquitoes can lay eggs here by this water, and it only takes one week for the adult to emerge. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the flower watering device, potted chassis and water cup dry from time to time to avoid becoming a breeding hotbed for mosquitoes.

4. Replace home lighting with LED lamps

Mosquitoes have phototaxis. In fact, this sentence is only half right. Mosquitoes are not simply attracted by light, but by ultraviolet light in the light source. Therefore, most mosquitoes gather under fluorescent lamps. Therefore, the lighting can be replaced by LED lamps which can hardly emit ultraviolet light. Although the price is slightly higher, it has long service life and less power consumption.

5. Homemade safe peppermint anti mosquito oil

Although the commercially available anti mosquito liquid is convenient, its complex chemical composition may not be so effective for people with sensitive skin. Then you can make your own natural peppermint anti mosquito oil. Just add 100ml of water into the spray bottle, add about 20 drops of peppermint oil, and mix well. The effect can last for 1-2 hours.

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