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National standard for screen doors and screen Windows in construction
Mar 15 , 2020

On March 15, 2020, National standard for screen Doors and Windows in construction compiling group the first working meeting was held in Beijing. For “Weiziran”, this is another important milestone after the national standard setting unit for screen doors and Windows for construction and the National standard setting unit for the performance testing of screen doors and Windows for construction.

Weiziran, as the leader in the screen door and window industry, also become a member of the compilation team, which also means that the company will be promoted from the industry standard to the national standard. The meeting by the chief editor unit China construction metal structure association plastic doors and Windows committee, director Jingmei Cong delivered a welcome speech. The meeting set up an compiling group, discussed the standard establishment outline establishment progress and the division of labor.

Screen doors and Windows are an important part of building doors and Windows, It has the functions of anti-mosquito, ventilation, transparency, decoration, and etc., and it also needs to have certain anti-wind performance, which is coordinated with the standard of building doors and Windows. The compilation of this standard will be beneficial to standardize the production and application technology of screen doors and Windows and improve the quality of screen doors and Windows. China's annual number of new buildings and existing building reconstruction is huge, the demand for screen doors and Windows is also huge, which is conducive to improving the quality and life of screen doors and Windows, avoiding the poor quality of the second reconstruction of the window, reduce a large amount of material resources waste. The compilation team will actively refer to foreign advanced standards, based on the current situation of domestic products, strive to explore and promote the compilation of a high level of standards, and make positive contributions to the healthy and sustainable development of screen doors and Windows.

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