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Insect screen daily maintenance is very important
Aug 31 , 2021

Flyzzz screen insect control and can enhance air circulation, daily maintenance is also very important, very suitable for new home.


Now the room its area is not particularly large, decoration and want to decorate it into the style we want, the most important thing is not to let the space have any repression. It Will make a lot of people choose some new decoration material, like the Windows install screen window in the choice of the invisible screen window, the window screen it not only can prevent mosquito, also can better air circulation, increase indoor air, only the screen window in addition to the benefits and no other advantages, And home after choosing it how to do maintenance is better?


1.  What are its advantages?

1) Mosquito prevent effect is good.

The Flyzzz screen window will not have any sight blocking problem, but also to prevent mosquitoes in the outdoor, especially in the summer weather is hot, and at night when the light is enough at home, mosquitoes will fly home in the lights around the circle, if the home can be installed invisible screen window, will not be affected by mosquitoes.


2) Good ventilation

Flyzzz screen window have many holes, the hole not only will not let mosquitoes fly into the home, but also keep the ventilation of the home, indoor air will become circulation because of it, so that we can always breathe fresh air, this is the main reason many people will choose it in the home decoration.


2.  What are the methods of maintenance?

1) Cleaning techniques.

The screen will be used for a long time, there will be dust attached to the surface of the screen, in this case, you can dip the newspaper in water and then stick it on the screen, until the screen is not completely dry, you can take it down, repeated several times can make the screen clean, this method is very easy to clean the dust on the screen.


2) Maintenance skills

Window screen it can to block dust and mosquitoes outside, but the screen surface is also very fragile, use at ordinary times should pay attention to don't give the screen broken or scratched, home screen window dirty at ordinary times can use some method, gently to wipe the screen clean, note don't strongly wipe, easy to destroy the screen.

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