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The History and Development of Window Screens
Sep 18 , 2020

Do you know the history and development of window screens, do you know why the window screens become more and more popular, let’s see how change of window screens from old-fashioned to new style together.

1. Fixed screen window: The fixed screen window are actually the old-fashioned type we used in our home. there are still many this kind of screens on the market now, which are not mainstream products, but the price is economic, and it is also favored by some consumers due to its strong structure.
Advantages: strong and durable, many old houses still use this kind of screens.
Disadvantages: It is a bit old in appearance.

2. Magnetic screen window: The so-called soft magnetic stripe screen window is to paste the magnetic strip around the window frame, and the magnetic stripe is also installed around the screen net. When in use, the screen is attached to the window frame. When not in use, just take it down.
Advantages: stronger than invisible screens, better sealing.

Disadvantages: It is not convenient for lighting, and it cannot be folded when stored, which requires a lot of storage space. Another fatal weakness is that the magnetic strip has a limited lifespan. The magnetic strip is usually replaced every three years or so.

3. Invisible window screens : It is the most popular window screens on the market at present. Invisible screens can automatically roll back the screen.

Advantages: It is mainly used for ventilation and mosquito prevention. Generally, invisible screens can adjust the spring force in the yarn box by themselves. Some yarn boxes can be removed to increase the force, and some can automatically remove floating dust.

The structure is rigorous. The invisible screen window is made of aluminum profiles, glass fiber, and the nylon plastic parts. There is no need to take it down in the four seasons, which It is convenient for the preservation of screen windows, prolongs the service life and saves your valuable storage space. It can be directly installed on the window frame, wood, steel, aluminum, plastic doors and windows can be assembled.

4. Folding window screens (Plisse screen door): Collect the screens of the screen through the folds of the screen (like an accordion). Opening method: mostly manual. Opening direction: vertical or horizontal.

Features: 1. Folding screen windows look better because they fold like fans. The possibility of mosquitoes entering through folding screens is higher than that of invisible screens. 2. The windproof effect of folding screens is not good. Invisible screens can be used in the track to ensure certain wind resistance, but folding screens are more difficult.

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