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Fiberglass Insect Screen
Self-Adhesive Window Screen
May 22 , 2020

As the weather slowly warmed up, we knew we were entering summer. Summer, is a special season, at this time, the trees become lush, full of vitality, most of the flowers are open very exuberant, this is a season of recovery of everything. Along with the growth of trees and flowers, the annoying insects are gradually waking up. Do you have this kind of trouble? When you open the window and enjoy the natural wind happily, disturbing mosquitoes always swarm to disturb your pleasure. When you are sleeping late at night, the buzzing sound of mosquitoes always reverberates in your ears and disturbs your sleep. I'm sure that a lot of people have this problem, so we need to use anti-mosquito net to stop mosquitoes from bothering us.

Adhesive Tape Screen Window

Mosquitoes not only disturb your rest, but also carry many diseases. According to the investigation, there are more than 80 kinds of mosquito-borne diseases, such as epidemic Encephalitis, yellow fever, malaria and so on. The mosquito is a great threat to my family and my health. I think you do not want these critters in your home, they needs to stay outside and away from you and your family! it is time to use the fly screen to protect you family from mosquito.

For the fly screens, maybe someone doesn’t like to have the window frame drilled with holes, or doesn’t like to have additional facilities to the window such as extra frames, or doesn’t like to have the fly screen installed to the window frame all the time and hope to remove it after the summer. So my proposal is: the adhesive tape screen window, It can’t drilling any holes in your window frame, and easy to removed.

The self-adhesive window screen is suitable all the window, and it can DIY, you can cut it by yourself. Its installation is also very convenient, as long as you have scissors or box knife, you can easily complete the installation. Here are some installation steps for you reference:

1. measure the size of the window frame

2. Take out the adhesive tape and cut them as the window frame size.

3. Stick the hook tape, then attach the net to the hook tape with a net press.

What’s more,Anti-mosquito net is also the most cheaper product in our factory. It just consist of two material, hook tape and polyester mesh. Installing it not only will keep mosquitoes out, but you'll also enjoy the view and the fresh air.

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