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Fiberglass Insect Screen
Screen Windows or Doors Role
Apr 19 , 2022

Screen door and window is the eye of the building, as the main way of anti-mosquito anti-theft and protection, is the channel for people to communicate with the environment, but also a symbol of the owner to care for his family.

So what is the specific role of screen doors and Windows? Let me break it down for you.

1:The protective effect of the wall barrier is to prevent mosquitoes and flies and other insects from flying in and climbing in when the window is opened. It can not only ventilate and get close to nature, but also prevent close contact with mosquitoes.

2:Filter air effect can filter some of the hair into the room and sundry, prevent the garbage in the air pollution indoor.

3:Privacy protection function to block the line of sight function; Because the light through the screen window will be part of the barrier, so the visibility of the screen window will be reduced a lot.

4:Beautification adornment effect can decorate door window room is very good indoor decoration.

5: Barrier protection to prevent the loss of some small sundries to the outdoor, in addition to the fence screen window can also play to prevent children falling.

Anti-mosquito Door Screen Curtain

How to see the stand or fall of screen window or doors

1: The quality of the window screen depends on whether its mesh holes are even, such as the high-quality glass fiber mosquito prevention yarn imported from the United States. There are 16 x18 meshes per square inch (25.4 square centimeters), the pore is slightly rectangular, the shape of the pore is neat, no size. The thickness that sees yarn again additionally is even, have thick have fine not good.

2: Touch window screen with the hand, feel quite blow, like the general quality that has been ironed with iron is good.

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