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Fiberglass Insect Screen
Jun 03 , 2020

Pleated screen net is different from all kinds of traditional screen nets, which is made of imported equipment by special process. Beautiful appearance, elegant, with decorative function, space saving, automatic cleaning function, in the process of pushing and pulling, the dust on the mesh will fall off automatically; the pleated screen net can stop the mosquito from entering efficiently, and with good air circulation. The pleated fly screen integrates the advantages of attractive, decorative and invisibility, and is suitable for various doors and windows installing, simple and convenient.

Beautiful appearance and rigorous structure. The pleated retractable screen window using PP pleated screen net, the frame profile is aluminum alloy, and the other connecting accessories are all made of nylon plastic, which solves the problems of too large gap between the traditional screen door and the door frame, safety, attractive, and good sealing. Suitable for all interior door, balcony doors.

Barrier free design, more suitable for the elderly and children in and out. Not disassembly is required when not in use, it is convenient for the screen door to be preserved, prolong its service life, and save your storage space, so as to solve the problem of poor lighting and storage of traditional screen door.

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